[BEGIN.transcription] /// ...[static] ... [background noises] ...[inaudible] ...If you are reading this then you found a way to access... [inaudible] It is now your duty to spread the word – The internet was shut down by our government just under a year ago, with no sign of it being reinstated. Modern communication and connection has been made impossible, no news or information can be broadcast, and anything that can be received cannot be clearly verified as a trusted source. This blackout has left us on our knees and there is... [inaudible] where as the thought of a switch off would perhaps help connect us to a more physical world and back to a simpler time we once knew... [inaudible] We have forgot... forgotten just how dependent we are. Please if you are reading this, we need you. We all need you. You have... [inaudible] the switch. [inaudible] red to green. You have to try. [inaudible] powerless and we are in the dark, our voices are lost. Technology has fail... Wait, no. No please... [inaudible] ...[static] ...[background noises, possible struggle] ...[inaudible] ...[message cut off] 10.78 /// [END.transcription]